13 Ottobre 2022
Andrew Blauvelt, Nianwen Shi, Russel Burge, et al.

Healthcare costs among patients with psoriasis treated with ixekizumab versus secukinumab in real-world settings over 24 months

Pharmacoecon Open. 2022 Sep 26. Online ahead of print
  • Obiettivo del presente studio è stato comparare i costi sanitari fra i pazienti con psoriasi trattati con ixekizumab e secukinumab in un periodo di follow-up di 24 mesi negli Stati Uniti d’America.
  • I costi complessivi e quelli legati alla psoriasi sono stati comparabili tra i pazienti trattati con ixekizumab e secukinumab dopo gli aggiustamenti dell’ICER (Institute for Clinical and Economic Review); i costi del farmaco indice erano simili dopo l’aggiustamento dell’ICER e quello relativo all’aderenza.


The aim of this study was to compare healthcare costs between ixekizumab (IXE)-treated and secukinumab (SEC)-treated patients with psoriasis over a 24-month follow-up period in the United States.

Patients with psoriasis diagnosis were identified from IBM Watson Health MarketScan® Research Databases; those with one or more claim for index drug (IXE or SEC) between March 1, 2016 and October 31, 2019 were included. Included patients were ≥18 years old and had continuous enrollment with medical and pharmacy benefits ≥6 months before and ≥24 months after index date. Patients were classified as IXE or SEC users based on drug received at index. Per patient per month (PPPM) all-cause, psoriasis-related, and index drug costs for IXE and SEC users were estimated over 24 months of follow-up. Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) discount factors were applied to adjust pharmacy costs. Index drug costs were additionally adjusted for adherence. Inverse probability of treatment weighting was used to address cohort imbalances. Chi-square/t tests were used to compare IXE versus SEC users; p value <0.05 was considered statistically significant.

Overall, 1461 patients (IXE users, n = 471; SEC users, n = 990) were included. IXE versus SEC users had higher weighted PPPM all-cause, psoriasis-related, and index drug costs (p ≤0.001). IXE versus SEC users had comparable ICER-adjusted mean PPPM all-cause costs (US$4172 ± 3349 vs US$3978 ± 2619; p = 0.227) and psoriasis-related costs (US$2950 ± 1332 vs US$2899 ± 1152; p = 0.447). After applying ICER and adherence adjustments, index drug costs were similar between IXE and SEC users (US$3794 ± 1822 vs US$3766 ± 1973; p = 0.795).

All-cause and psoriasis-related costs were comparable between IXE and SEC users after ICER adjustments; index drug costs were similar after ICER and adherence adjustments.


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