16 Febbraio 2022
L Penso, R Dray-Spira, A Weill, M Zureik, E Sbidian

Psoriasis-related treatment exposure and hospitalization or in-hospital mortality due to COVID-19 during the first and second wave of the pandemic: cohort study of 1 326 312 patients in France

Br J Dermatol. 2022 Jan;186(1):59-68

Key messages

  • I trattamenti sistemici per la psoriasi (inclusi i biologici) non sono stati associati a un rischio aumentato di mortalità ospedaliera dovuta al COVID-19. Questi risultati sono a favore della prosecuzione della terapia sistemica per la psoriasi durante la pandemia.


Data on treatment exposures for psoriasis and poor COVID-19 outcomes are limited.

To assess the risk of hospitalization or in-hospital mortality due to COVID-19 by treatment exposure in patients with psoriasis.

All adults with psoriasis registered in the French national health-insurance (Système National des Données de Santé, SNDS) database between 2008 and 2019 were eligible. Two study periods were considered: 15 February to 30 June 2020 and 1 October 2020 to 31 January 2021, the first and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in France, respectively. Patients were classified according to their baseline treatment: biologics, nonbiologics, topicals or no treatment. The primary endpoint was hospitalization for COVID-19 using Cox models with inverse probability of treatment weighting. The secondary endpoint was in-hospital mortality due to COVID-19.

We identified 1 326 312 patients with psoriasis (mean age 59 years; males, 48%). During the first study period, 3871 patients were hospitalized for COVID-19 and 759 (20%) died; during the second period 3603 were hospitalized for COVID-19 and 686 (19%) died. In the propensity score-weighted Cox models, risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 was associated with exposure to topicals or nonbiologics [hazard ratio (95% confidence interval): 1.11 (1.04-1.20) and 1.27 (1.09-1.48), respectively] during the first period, and with all exposure types, during the second period. None of the exposure types was associated with in-hospital mortality due to COVID-19.

Systemic treatments for psoriasis (including biologics) were not associated with increased risk of in-hospital mortality due to COVID-19. These results support maintaining systemic treatment for psoriasis during the pandemic.

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