16 Maggio 2022
J H Han, J W Park, K D Han, J B Park, M Kim, J H Lee

Smoking and periodontitis can play a synergistic role in the development of psoriasis: A nationwide cohort study

Dermatology. 2022;238(3):554-561

Key messages

  • Il presente studio ha evidenziato che la parodontite è un potenziale fattore di rischio indipendente di psoriasi.
  • I dati concorrono ad aumentare la consapevolezza di un ruolo sinergico tra fumo e parodontite nella patogenesi della psoriasi stessa.


Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disorder involving the periodontium. The precise nature of the association between periodontitis and psoriasis has not been determined. 

This nationwide population-based study investigated the relationship between periodontitis and the risk of psoriasis. 

A health screening database, which is a sub-dataset of the Korean National Health Insurance System database, was used in this study. Subjects with (n = 1,063,004) and without (n = 8,655,587) periodontitis who underwent health examinations from January to December 2009 were followed for 9 years. 

In multivariable analysis, compared to the non-periodontitis group, periodontitis patients had a significantly higher risk of developing psoriasis (hazard ratio 1.116, 95% confidence interval 1.101-1.13). Non-smokers with periodontitis had an 11% increase in risk of psoriasis and smokers with periodontitis had a 26.5% increase in risk of psoriasis compared to non-smokers without periodontitis. 

Our study highlights periodontitis as a potential independent risk factor for psoriasis, increasing awareness of the synergistic role of smoking and periodontitis in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.

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