11 Luglio 2022
L Guenther, A Takhar, M Megna, M Sebastian, N Nyholm, H Thoning, L-Å Levin

Impact of fixed-dose combination Cal/BD foam on the work productivity of patients with psoriasis: results from the 52-week randomized, double-blind, PSO-LONG trial

J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2022 Jul;36(7):1054-1063
  • Obiettivo dello studio è stato di determinare la variazione nella produttività e nella compromissione lavorativa dopo 4 settimane di trattamento combinato con una schiuma a dose fissa di calcipotriolo 50 µg/g + betametasone dipropionato 0,5 mg/g (Cal/BD). Sono stati inoltre osservati i cambiamenti a lungo termine dopo 52 settimane di trattamento (proattivo o reattivo).
  • La combinazione a dose fissa di Cal/BD in schiuma, utilizzata per la gestione a lungo termine della psoriasi, riduce significativamente la compromissione legata alla malattia della produttività e dell’attività lavorative, con risparmi sostanziali dei costi.


Psoriasis contributes to unemployment, work impairment, missed workdays and substantial indirect costs due to lost productivity. Combination Cal/BD foam is the only topical that is approved for long-term maintenance treatment of plaque psoriasis for 52 weeks. This is the first known investigation of the effect of topical psoriasis therapy on productivity.

To examine the change in work productivity and activity impairment after 4 weeks of treatment with fixed-dose combination calcipotriol 50 µg/g/betamethasone dipropionate 0.5 mg/g (Cal/BD) foam and observe long-term changes after 52 weeks of long-term management (proactive or reactive treatment).

This is a post-hoc analysis of the PSO-LONG trial – a phase 3, randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled, parallel group, international multi-centre trial of treatment with combination Cal/BD foam. Work and activity impairment due to psoriasis were assessed by the Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) and the Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Psoriasis (WPAI:PSO) questionnaire at baseline, week 4, week 28 and week 56. The improvement in hours of work productivity was translated into monthly and annual indirect cost savings estimates for patients in Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.

Using fixed-dose combination Cal/BD foam for four weeks significantly reduced psoriasis-related work presenteeism, total work productivity impairment (TWPI) and total activity impairment (TAI) over 56 weeks, with significant improvements observed as early as 4 weeks after the baseline visit. The proportion of patients reporting impact on work productivity (as measured by presenteeism and TWPI) and activity impairment (as measured by both DLQI-Q7b and TAI) also decreased.

Fixed-dose combination Cal/BD foam used for long-term management of psoriasis significantly reduces psoriasis-related work productivity and activity impairment which may result in substantial indirect cost savings. Clinical Trial Registration NCT02899962, EudraCT number: 2016-000556-95.

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